Our Story


Paramount was incorporated in January 2017 with just one goal in mind: to use the knowledge and capabilities obtained from over 25-years of experience in the energy trading market to develop a sustainable business of supplying affordable power and agricultural products to Africa. The idea was simple: employ our expertise to profitably trade energy commodities and use the earnings thus generated to truly make a difference in Africa through real and meaningful action rather than just words and advocacy.

We, at Paramount, are avid believers that real action speaks louder than words and hence the Empowering Africa initiative was formed, creating the basis of everything we do today. In fact, the name of the company is derived from the founder’s belief that it is of paramount importance that real action and initiatives are undertaken now to create a more sustainable and fairer world for all of us to live in.

Today substantial financial means are fully dedicated to the various programmes that form a part of the company’s Empowering Africa initiative. Profits that are derived from our oil trading activities are used to invest in agribusiness projects and other socially responsible initiatives always with a strong focus on effectively empowering Africa.

The founder of the company started this initiative well before social responsibility and ESG investing became “fashionable” and his commitment is supported by real action rather than just words and so-called “greenwashing”.

Today Paramount can proudly say that the original idea that formed the basis for establishing the company has so far been a success. Through the financing of several projects with a focus on food distribution to and within Africa we have been able to make a real difference to the lives of many people on the continent.


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Paramount Energy & Commodities SA

Paramount Energy and Commodities SA is an energy trading company based in Geneva, Switzerland.