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Paramount Energy focuses trade on crude oil, fuel oil, and naptha, and we trade the entire barrel. Volumes are sourced through our relationships with producers and refineries, and are supplied directly to the end user.

We build and nurture strong relationships with key producers and end users to ensure continuity and fairness of sourcing.


Our customers range from national oil companies (both producers as well as end users) and private oil companies, including independent oil producers, refiners, and a select group of energy traders. Our strong relationships ensure we establish long-lasting alliances.


Paramount Energy is focused on developing business through strategic partnerships with producers and key end users. We employ an integrated approach to trading, marketing, logistics, finance, and risk management – thereby enabling us to provide our customers with comprehensive and innovative solutions.


We maintain excellent relationships with the world’s most important ship owners and brokers, ensuring us access to the best shipping assets. Vessels are chartered on a spot or time-charter basis.

Through our extensive global network and relationships, we have access to crude oil and products storage facilities in Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East.


Paramount Energy maintains strong relationships with all the principal commodity financing institutions.

Considerable credit facilities are in place to support our current and future trading operations. We exercise financial prudence, and therefore maintain a strong liquidity position.


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Paramount Energy & Commodities SA

Paramount Energy and Commodities SA is an energy trading company based in Geneva, Switzerland.